Whether you like it or not, modern life doesn’t exist without plastic. Polythene covers have become an integral part of our day to day life. They are found everywhere, packaging food bags; containers to carry bags. As we all know, plastic is not good for our environment. When it is a necessary evil, we should make it as less evil as possible. LDPE bags are said to be less harmful to us as well as the environmental free. This is because they are recyclable and very economical. The odorless LDPE plastic bags are used in packing goods like textile, food, covers, pharmaceuticals etc.
Food grade plastic are approved by FDA standard does not include dyes or recycled plastic which are dangerous to humans. Plastics used for pharmaceutical and food packaging should have even higher standard than food grade plastics.

LDPE means low density polyethylene. It provides clarity and flexibility to the bags. Because of its strength and toughness in film form, it is used to produce grocery bags, garbage bags and milk cartons. LDPE bag are manufactured using highest quality FDA approved raw materials. These low density polythene bags keep the food fresh for longer periods, prevent spoilage by fungus and bacteria and increase the shelf life of the product. Its thickness is usually 10 to 12 microns. It is mainly used in packing confectionery, tea, eatables etc. as it is moisture free and prevents the spoiling of the food products.
Pharmaceutical and drug products are packed in LDPE bags to protect them from moisture for a long period. They are also of low cost and can be easily processed into films. They have the lowest softening and melting point which is good for heat-sealing. The LDPE bags are also compatible with nearly all foods and household chemicals and are corrosion resistant.

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Sorbead India is the supplier of USFDA approved LDPE bags for Food and Pharmaceuticals tablets, capsules and API packaging without any moisture effects.

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