Some Facts about Pharma API packaging using Anti –Moisture Bags That Will Make You Feel better.

Moisture is allied with the water content in the Liquid phase present in any substance, even the water in the form of water vapour is also referred to as moisture. This moisture, when combined with humidity, causes a great damage to all the commercial products including medicines. Since Pharmaceutical products or Pharma API and Tablets are one among the moisture sensitive compounds, even then it is observed that Indian Pharmaceutical sector with its supplies meets nearly fifty present of global demand. Hence, these sectors are vesting a lot of investment in maintaining such standards globally. There are many other possible losses caused by moisture, but our present emphasis is on Pharma products as they are showing an average growth rate of thirty present by volume in export annually and hence our country is known as a global hub of generic medicines. But the Pharma product success is determined by the quality and safety, which is a key challenge which needs an overcome.

Vapor barrier bag

Packaging is vitally important for continued innovations and advances in Pharma API and Tablets around the world which provides a base for eventual growth in generic Industry. Pharma products are either chemically derived or biologically derived in the form of pills, tablets, suspensions, powders and many more. Every medicine or pharma product as its own specification of storage such as-

  • Room Temperature: Pharma products that are stored between 15 to 25-degree centigrade.
  • Cool Temperature: Pharma products that are stored between 8 to 15-degree centigrade
  • Freezing Temperature: Pharma products that are stored between 10 to 25-degree centigrade
  • Refrigeration: Pharma products that are stored between 2 to 8-degree centigrade

But when such specifications are overruled, the pharma products or medicines undergo Hydrolysis due to the presence of moisture in the atmosphere. Moisture interacts with pharmaceutical products as they have a chemical affinity towards water and thereby affecting the compression characters and hardness of the tablets. Moisture-induced dissolution of API pharma products is a phenomenon observed at elevated temperatures and humidity. Therefore, only controlling or minimizing the moisture build-up at high temperatures and humidity can protect the Pharma products from moisture. Thus, worsening of drugs can also be prevented by advanced techniques introduced by packaging solutions.

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Although the Pharmaceutical Sector encompasses of researching, developing and distribution, the major problem they have been facing is -the patchwork of uneven regulations and protection policies in distribution. Therefore, the components which resist moisture or which can reduce the moisture-induced damage is called as Anti-moisturizers. One among such anti-moisturizer is the Anti-Moisture Bag. moisture barrier Bag for Pharma API packaging

These bags are made of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) that is laminated into thin layers or foils. These are also laminated into multi-layer pouches or bags, which are specially designed and used in packaging applications of medicinal products. These multi-layer bags are composite in nature because of which they act as a barrier between the medicinal products and the environment inside the package containing Pharma API & Tablets.

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Therefore, Anti-Moisture Bag manufacturers in India, which supply Industrial Units relating to Pharma products on a large scale as well as on a small scale, based on quality assurance and performance criteria are also flourishing well. Since pharmaceutical products remain in a closed package for longer periods, the moisture levels rise inside the package, with a slight increase in relative humidity and temperature in the surrounding atmosphere, leading to vaporization inside the package. But, when these pharmaceutical products are stored in Anti-Moisture Bag, the vapor formation inside the products is ended due to the composite nature of the    and also act as a barrier between the water present in the atmosphere in the vapor form due to relative humidity and moisture and hence these bags are also termed as vapor barrier bags.

Encouraging and nurturing such packaging of Pharma products in the Anti-Moisture bag, Vapor barrier bag and barrier foil bags are improving healthcare outcomes throughout the country. Therefore effective packaging is the one, on which the export effectiveness and promotion of the generic drugs rely on. API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), excipients are ingredients in medication, and maintaining their stability is the main concept, which is of utmost importance, which makes a drug effect. Such an important task is taken up by packaging innovations like-Anti-Moisture bag, Vapor barrier bag and barrier foil bags, thereby contributing to the increase in Pharmaceutical export values. Deploying these package solutions helps in the commercialization of Pharmaceuticals Globally.

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Sorbead India, therefore, has now become a fast growing organization in Pharmaceutical API & Tablet packaging Industry, with its packaging products as well as packaging services. Nevertheless, Sorbead India is becoming a means in exporting Pharma products through its vast and wide varieties of Packaging Solutions and will increase its invasion in the Pharma Markets, globally in the near future.

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