How to helpful Odorless LDPE Bags for Pharmaceutical Packaging?

Odorless LDPE Bags
Polythene covers are used in packing everything from food to garbage. LDPE plastic bags less harmful to both people and environment.They are also recyclable and inexpensive. The LDPE plastic bags are used in packing goods like textile, food, covers, pharmaceuticalsetc.
The USFDA specifies that plastics used for pharmaceutical packaging should have even higher standard than food grade plastics.This is known as pharma grade plastic. Pharma grade plastic does not include any synthetic dyes which are toxic. Hence, only FDA approved, food grade LDP Eplastic should be used in packaging medicines.

LDPE is low density polyethylene and it is clear and flexible. The recycling number of LDPE is 4.LDPE bag are manufactured using highest quality FDA approved raw materials. These odorless LDPE bag keep the medicines fresh for long periods, prevent spoilage by Fungus and Bacteria and increase the shelf life of the product.It is of 10 to 12 microns thickness. Pharmaceutical and Drug products are packed in LDPE Bags to avoid moisture for a long period. These LDPE bags are DMF Free, Odorless and not toxic. They can be easily processed into films. They have the lowest softening and melting point which is good for heat-sealing.

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