Some Facts about Pharma API packaging using Anti –Moisture Bags That Will Make You Feel better.

Moisture is allied with the water content in the Liquid phase present in any substance, even the water in the form of water vapour is also referred to as moisture. This moisture, when combined with humidity, causes a great damage to all the commercial products including medicines. Since Pharmaceutical products or Pharma API and Tablets are one among the moisture sensitive compounds, even then it is observed that Indian Pharmaceutical sector with its supplies meets nearly fifty present of global demand. Hence, these sectors are vesting a lot of investment in maintaining such standards globally. There are many other possible losses caused by moisture, but our present emphasis is on Pharma products as they are showing an average growth rate of thirty present by volume in export annually and hence our country is known as a global hub of generic medicines. But the Pharma product success is determined by the quality and safety, which is a key challenge which needs an overcome.

Vapor barrier bag

Packaging is vitally important for continued innovations and advances in Pharma API and Tablets around the world which provides a base for eventual growth in generic Industry. Pharma products are either chemically derived or biologically derived in the form of pills, tablets, suspensions, powders and many more. Every medicine or pharma product as its own specification of storage such as-

  • Room Temperature: Pharma products that are stored between 15 to 25-degree centigrade.
  • Cool Temperature: Pharma products that are stored between 8 to 15-degree centigrade
  • Freezing Temperature: Pharma products that are stored between 10 to 25-degree centigrade
  • Refrigeration: Pharma products that are stored between 2 to 8-degree centigrade

But when such specifications are overruled, the pharma products or medicines undergo Hydrolysis due to the presence of moisture in the atmosphere. Moisture interacts with pharmaceutical products as they have a chemical affinity towards water and thereby affecting the compression characters and hardness of the tablets. Moisture-induced dissolution of API pharma products is a phenomenon observed at elevated temperatures and humidity. Therefore, only controlling or minimizing the moisture build-up at high temperatures and humidity can protect the Pharma products from moisture. Thus, worsening of drugs can also be prevented by advanced techniques introduced by packaging solutions.

Why Ignoring VAPOR BARRIER BAG it will Cost You Time and Sales!

Although the Pharmaceutical Sector encompasses of researching, developing and distribution, the major problem they have been facing is -the patchwork of uneven regulations and protection policies in distribution. Therefore, the components which resist moisture or which can reduce the moisture-induced damage is called as Anti-moisturizers. One among such anti-moisturizer is the Anti-Moisture Bag. moisture barrier Bag for Pharma API packaging

These bags are made of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) that is laminated into thin layers or foils. These are also laminated into multi-layer pouches or bags, which are specially designed and used in packaging applications of medicinal products. These multi-layer bags are composite in nature because of which they act as a barrier between the medicinal products and the environment inside the package containing Pharma API & Tablets.

Here’s A Quick Way to Solve a Moisture dispute in pharma API packaging with VAPOR BARRIER BAG

Therefore, Anti-Moisture Bag manufacturers in India, which supply Industrial Units relating to Pharma products on a large scale as well as on a small scale, based on quality assurance and performance criteria are also flourishing well. Since pharmaceutical products remain in a closed package for longer periods, the moisture levels rise inside the package, with a slight increase in relative humidity and temperature in the surrounding atmosphere, leading to vaporization inside the package. But, when these pharmaceutical products are stored in Anti-Moisture Bag, the vapor formation inside the products is ended due to the composite nature of the    and also act as a barrier between the water present in the atmosphere in the vapor form due to relative humidity and moisture and hence these bags are also termed as vapor barrier bags.

Encouraging and nurturing such packaging of Pharma products in the Anti-Moisture bag, Vapor barrier bag and barrier foil bags are improving healthcare outcomes throughout the country. Therefore effective packaging is the one, on which the export effectiveness and promotion of the generic drugs rely on. API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), excipients are ingredients in medication, and maintaining their stability is the main concept, which is of utmost importance, which makes a drug effect. Such an important task is taken up by packaging innovations like-Anti-Moisture bag, Vapor barrier bag and barrier foil bags, thereby contributing to the increase in Pharmaceutical export values. Deploying these package solutions helps in the commercialization of Pharmaceuticals Globally.

Where to buy moisture barrier bags

Sorbead India, therefore, has now become a fast growing organization in Pharmaceutical API & Tablet packaging Industry, with its packaging products as well as packaging services. Nevertheless, Sorbead India is becoming a means in exporting Pharma products through its vast and wide varieties of Packaging Solutions and will increase its invasion in the Pharma Markets, globally in the near future.

Best Guidelines for Pharma API packaging using Moisture Barrier bags.

Pharmaceutical product stability depends on the role of the packaging component whether it may be a primary packaging component or a secondary packaging component. Primary packaging component mainly refers to the component which is in direct contact with the drug, whereas Secondary packaging component refers to the component which does not remain in direct contact with the drug, but is capable of providing additional protection to the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient(API), a term used in the field of medicine to refer a drug itself. One among such secondary packaging component is barrier bags, which are entitled to prevent the adulterating physical and chemical entities in a moisture barrier bags. These barrier bags also protect the drugs from the drastic effects caused when exposed to light, moisture, oxygen, and counterfeiting.

moisture barrier bag for Pharma API

Role of  Moisture Barrier bags in Pharma API Packaging.

Some tablets are light sensitive and are subject to loss of solvent. While liquid based dosage forms are sensitive to oxygen and suffer an unacceptable loss of quality due to absorption of moisture. Such a loss can be prevented by using impermeable barriers in the form of bags called barrier bags during packaging of Pharma API & Tablets. These barrier bags are designed with self-resistance externally as well as internally to ensure the pharmaceutical products quality and thereby increase the shelf-life of the pharma products. These barrier bags are also environmental-friendly and are considered especially for packaging toxic and highly potent drug products.

Pharmaceutical preparations which include Tablet, Capsules, Semi solid Topical dosages require barrier bags for packaging as they are moisture proof and can withstand light, mechanical shock and fluctuations in temperature throughout the packaging, storing and transportation. Effervescent Tablets are highly moisture sensitive, therefore moisture barrier packaging using moisture barrier bags is the only packaging preferred for such forms. It appears that usage of barrier bags in packaging has improved the production efficiency and optimized the packaging process drugs.Moisture barrier bags manufacturer is increasing their efforts to meet the needs of four-sided, in sealed bags, as they are mainly used in the field of medicines which require less strength during manufacturing as well as distribution. The industrial supply number of these Anti-moisture bags is increasing day by day and is expected to continue as its usage is not only confined to medicine but also in several other applications. Purchase or buy moisture barrier bags with pharmaceutical specifications such as-

  • Preserving the physical properties of all Pharmaceutical preparations.
  • Protecting medicines against damage or breakage.
  • Do not alter the identity of the pharmacy product.
  • Protect against undesirable entities of any origin- chemical, physical or biological.

Aluminum moisture barrier bags:

Since Aluminum barrier bag manufacturing requires raw materials which are abundant in nature makes them available at a low cost. Moreover, it’s non-toxic nature and its flexibility in packaging has gained popularity globally. Aluminum moisture barrier bags measures in a thickness ranging from 0.00017 to 0.0059 which makes them flexible in packaging. Barrier bags are induced with aluminum foil, that acts as barrier component against moisture, light penetrating inside the pharma packaging containing medicines. These Aluminum Moisture barrier bags can also be coated with a wide range of materials to provide strength and heat sealing performance, thereby increasing the reliability of packaging of Pharma API & Tablets. Aluminum is a valuable packaging as it is recyclable material for many years and its wet ability remains zero throughout the distribution of the drug packaging.

Herbal Extracts For Pharma API

The Global competitive standards of Moisture barrier bags to meet the Pharmaceutical packaging needs have been increasing day by day along with the flourishing Pharma Companies, thereby increasing their demand in Secondary packaging. The best practice in the field of Pharmaceutical packaging of injectable drugs is observed by the expertise suppliers of Barrier bags, which not only ensure the product safety but also lead in expanding Market Capitalization. As every development based Pharmaceutical Company needs to follow guidelines to meet the increased complexity of packaging, it has to rely on the expertise and effective Packaging solution providers. As all the Pharma companies are specialized in drug development and marketing they lack the expertise in packaging, which is the soul of the pharma product. Therefore, specialized packaging companies are recommended to drive the conservative Pharmaceutical industries through secondary packaging. To accomplish strategic way of secondary packaging, innovative as well as value added services need to be adopted by the Pharmaceutical Organizations. Moisture barrier bags, Aluminum moisture barrier bag for secondary packaging, serve to be one among the innovative as well as value added services and make a contribution in the growth and expansion of Pharma Company.

Where to buy moisture barrier bags.

Sorbead is one such moisture barrier bag supplier, assisting manufacturers; trading advanced range of barrier bags wholesale. One of the reasons even after bulk productions, Pharma companies are plunging down;   is due to the lack of proper packaging. Therefore, Sorbead works together with the clients to design the different packaging options. It is an expert and has the capability of driving the Pharmaceutical companies with its products used in secondary packaging and is able to maintain the complexities and yet remains competitive. Sorbead offers a one-stop solution in protecting highly potent drug products with secondary packages such as Barrier bag or Moisture barrier bag or Aluminum moisture barrier bag with the desired specifications.

To ensure the efficiency, Pharmaceuticals must be regarded as the medicinal product along with the packaging. Whether a packaging is Barrier bag or Moisture barrier bag or Aluminum moisture barrier bag, they all are capable to meet a wide variety of different requirements for formulated medicines.

How LDPE Bags Are Superior Than Common Bags?

What are LDPE bags?

Low Density Polyethylene bags or LDPE bags are often considered as a better replacement to ordinary plastic bags, which are thick and non-biodegradable. Ordinary plastic bags are a hazard to the environment as they cannot be easily disposed of. This is where Low Density Polyethylene bags become important as they have a high degree of transparency and flexibility. In comparison to the ordinary plastic bags, the LDPE bags are better suited to store perishable items like food products and medicines. These bags keep food products fresh and increase the shelf life of pharmaceuticals like tablets, bottled medicines etc. LDPE bags also offer protection against bad odour, mold, mildew and various other spoilage organisms.
Low Density Polyethylene bags are designed in such a manner that they are unaffected by moisture, dust, air and other impurities present in the outside environment. The bags are also odourless and toxin-resistant, thus making them a better choice over ordinary plastic bags. LDPE bags are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can also be custom-made depending on the specific requirement of the customers.

Why LDPE Bags are Better than Plastic Bags?

Nowadays, the general trend is of people preferring Low Density Polyethylene Bags rather than plastic bags. What are the reasons behind this change? Read on to know more…
The major advantage of ordinary plastic bags is that they are “ordinary”. They are very cheap and easily available. In spite of all these plus points, more and more customers are opting for LDPE bags. This is because of the following reasons:

ldpe bag superior than common bags1) The Low Density Polyethylene bags are thick gauged in comparison to the regular plastic bags and this work out well when heavy and a number of objects are to be carried. The ordinary plastic bags cannot carry this much weight and is one of their biggest disadvantages.

2) The second advantage of switching to LDPE bags from ordinary plastic bags is that they are highly recyclable and reusable. Most of the plastic bags available in the market are for only one-time use. That, however, is not the case with LDPE bags. These bags can be reused multiple times and come in handy as kitchen catchers. Low Density Polyethylene bags are known to have a reuse rate of around 40-60%.

3) People also choose Low Density Polyethylene bags over ordinary plastic ones as they do not biodegrade. This does not apply for bags with additives. As they are not biodegradable, these types of bags are highly useful for landfills.

4) Another major benefit of opting for LDPE bags is that it shows great resistance to high temperature. So even if the outside atmosphere is not conducive, products kept inside these bags will not be affected as it is highly adjustable to the surrounding environment.

5) The LDPE bags are also preferred for their leak-proof texture and their resistance to punctures. Ordinary plastic bags always buckle under excess weight.

LDPE Bag Manufacturing –The Advantages

Industrial poly bags and food grade bag are usually made using polyethylene (heavy gauge) so that they can easily resist puncturing and breakage. Black and clear construction film, furniture covers and pallet covers are made to keep dust, debris and the weather out. You can safeguard your industrial application with several good quality polyethylene film and bags. LDPE bag Manufacturing is becoming significantly popular across the world with more and more players entering the industry. There are several benefits of using LDPE bags for both, business owners as well as buyers.

Ldpe Bag Manufacturer

LDPE bags are usually flexible and soft, yet they have excellent impact resistance, especially at low temperature levels. It is rapidly processed in a certain molten form. This makes it an outstanding candidate for thin film uses, including plastic wrap and shopping bags. LDPE also has excellent conductivity that makes it extremely useful as a great electrical insulator.

Plastic bags for packaging are quite resistant to solvation or attack by a wide range of certain chemicals. They have excellent or good resistance to bases and acids in addition to several solvent kinds, including esters and alcohols. These can even withstand fundamental sterilization methods, including ethylene oxide gas, gamma radiation and disinfectants such as formaldehyde and benzalkonium chloride.

Due to the availability of raw feedstock, the huge scale and ease of manufacturing of LDPE, this is a bag which is quite inexpensive. These kinds of plastic films are used worldwide by small and medium scale business owners due to their low rates and high barrier properties. LDPE belongs to the class of polyethylene or polymers regarded as olefins. These are the best type of plastics that are made up from starting chemicals which comprise of carbon to carbon bonds. They have moisture resistance properties that can help you in keeping the contents fresh and secure for a long period of time.

Food Grade Bags
LDPE multi-layer bags for packaging are really useful as they keep the Food Grad Bag contents warm. This is a translucent material, which is not only strong but also has exceptional resistance towards acids and popular chemicals. It absorbs greases and oils, which helps in keeping all the contents tight and packed. Business owners in the hotel industry too have started purchasing LDPE bags for packaging and storing food items. They store frozen meat and other foodstuff in these bags so that they can be kept fresh and healthy for a long period of time.

LDPE bags – A cost effective solution for upholding API’s excellence

Ensuring the safety of the products is always very important in any industry and predominantly in the food and pharmaceutical industry. When it comes to the safety of the products or ingredients, there can’t be any better solution than LDPE bags. It is a very cost effective way to preserve the products from all sorts of outer conditions. Conditions such as water, moisture, heat cannot have any impact on the products when LDPE bags are used for the packaging. The application of these bags is mostly seen in the food and pharmaceutical industry where products require to be prevented from moisture, mold and mildew.
LDPE bags are vastly used for API packaging. API is Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. At the time of transporting API in powdered or beads form these bags are used to protect the ingredients from outside environmental effects. Protecting the quality and chemical nature of the API is very important since it has got lot to do with the health of the humans or other living beings. In order to produce high quality tablets or capsule, the ingredients have to be in perfect condition.

LDPE bags have a large role to play in pharmaceutical industry. These bags are used for protecting ingredients for long term use. In cases when these ingredients are stored for long term transportation, the risk of spoilage or damage is always there. But this packaging makes sure that the ingredients don’t lose their original qualities in any weather condition. Basically these bags works as a protecting shield to uphold the characteristics of the ingredients. What about any reaction of the ingredients with the materials of these bags? Well, these bags are made from chemical free substances so that the inside ingredients don’t cause any adverse reaction. LDPE bags for API packaging are a wonderful as well as cost effective solution for maintaining the originality of the chemical ingredients.

LDPE bags for API packaging

These bags are available in various sizes and shapes and these are approved by FDA. Moreover, these can be made according to the needs of the users. Here are some of the advantages of LDPE bags used for the packaging of API:

  •   Firstly, it prevents the inside ingredients from moisture, water and other weather impacts. It also maintains the natural quality of the ingredients.
  •   Secondly, due to the chemical free substances of these bags, it can’t cause any reaction with the products thus increase the shelf life of the ingredients.
  •   These bags work absolutely fine in high temperature. Not only that in any extreme weather condition these bags provide the maximum protection.

The protecting ability of these bags depends on the film thickness. At the time of packaging the film thickness requires to be selected accordingly.