Sorbead India is the worldwide supplier of high quality LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) bags which are used in healthcare, food and other industries. These bags are the valuable products for protecting and preserving the packaging products from any kind of damage or spoilage due to moisture and humidity. Our main aim is to provide most effective packaging solution for range of applications. They are valuable packaging materials which are highly efficient for complex food packaging bags, pharmaceutical drugs, tablets, capsules packaging, shopping bags etc.
Our LDPE bags are manufactured using USFDA approved raw materials using the ISO 9001 certified process. In packaging applications, Sorbead India engineers ensure to offer excellent laminated bags with high level of strength, reliability, tear resistance and elasticity. We ensure to produce highest quality LDPE bags such as triple laminated bags, pharmagrade LDPE bags, food grade LDPE bags and similar bags for API packaging with the standard compliances. Our main aim is to accomplish your needs by helping you in selecting the most appropriate bags as per your particular application.
Customer satisfaction is utmost important to us. To attain the reputation and high position in the packaging market, the team of professional and experienced engineers put main focus on maintaining the quality and efficiency of the products by producing the LPDPE bags to satisfy the challenging needs of the clients.
The staff at Sorbead India is highly trained, skilled and dedicated in providing the best possible packaging solution to the clients to meet their product’s exact requirements and specifications. They have great experience in designing and producing the suitable range of packaging using the quality, moisture resistance and tear resistance materials such as plastic, aluminum foil etc.
We believe in delivering world-class packaging product to our clients and always work continuously in innovating new products with high industrial standards. The customized packaging bags are also manufactured depending on the client’s particular needs. We believe in working closely with our clients and offer faster turnaround time for products delivery.

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